Class, Mon, 2/27

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Responses to Class: Like/Keep/Change

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With thanks to Isabella D, Melinda G, Sara R,and ???

  • What do you admire about these posts?
  • What tips do they offer about using images in digital writing?

Writing: First Response to boyd

To Do

  1. Wed, 3/01, class: Read boyd to p. 99. Be ready to take us to a passage in the first half of It’s Complicated that you feel can advance the conversation we’ve been having about digital rhetorics and culture.
  2. Thurs, 3/02, 10:00 am: Post your  first response to boyd.
  3. Fri, 3/03, class: Read and post comments on the pieces written by yur group members. Please also read Chapter 2, pp. 11–25, of Fenton and Lee.
  4. Mon, 3/06, class: Finish reading It’s Complicated.
  5. Wed, 3/08, and Fri, 3/10: We will hold class in Room B of the Student Multimedia Resource Center in the basement of Morris Library.

Class, Fri, 2/24

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Project Chanology Masked Protesters, 2010 (anonymous Flickr photo)

Responding to Carr, Using Images

Fastwrite: Review the comments on your post. Write a quick response to them.

Groups: Read and discuss your responses to Carr. Select a post to present on Monday that you feel makes a particularly effective use of an image. Be ready to talk about not only why this particular image is interesting, but how the writer makes it part of her or his argument.

If your text will be discussed on Monday: Please mark your post as “sticky”.


Fastwrite: What’s working for you in this course? What might I change?

To Do

  1. Mon, 2/27, class: Read pp. 1–99 of danah boyd’s It’s Complicated. Think of this book as, in some ways, a response to writers like Carr. What stands out for you?
  2. Mon, 2/27, class: Think about how you might make use of an audio file in your next response. Consider this problem in two ways: (1) Logistical: How will you record or capture an audio file, and how will you embed it in a post? and (2) Rhetorical: What can you do with sound that you can’t do with written text?