Class, Fri, 3/24

Page and Screen

In groups, draw on your most recent post to create some notes on:

  • A taxonomy: What are some popular forms for the 60 Second Video?
  • Affordances and constraints: What can you “leverage and resist” in video that seems different from writing?
  • The experience of composing in video: What was fun? frustrating? challenging? satisfying?

To Do

  1. Mon, 4/03, class: Read Ronson to p.157. A response will be due on Thurs, 4/06.
  2. Have a great break!

Class, Mon 3/20

Concepts in 60

Let’s watch them!

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 2.05.58 PM

Still footage from James Kretkowski, “How to Properly Watch a Movie at Home” (2017)

Defining a Genre

In groups of three or four: Using these videos as your archive, create a taxonomy of the 60-Second Video. Here’s a list. The rules of analysis are:

  1. You must divide the videos into at least three but no more than five groups. Each group must have at least two members.
  2. Try to come up with at least three defining features for each of your groups. Try to focus as much as you can on the form of the videos, not their content. (Many sonnets may be about love, but what makes them sonnets is that they have 14 lines.)
  3. Take notes and email your taxonomy to me.

Writing: The Affordances and Constraints of Video

To Do

  1. Wed, 3/22: No class.
  2. Thurs, 3/23, 10:00 am: Post your thoughts on the Affordances and Constraints of Video to this site. Be sure to use your group number as a category.
  3. Fri, 3/24, class: Read and comment on the posts by your group members. We will discuss the ideas and concerns raised in them in class.