Class Favorites

When thinking back on the work of my classmates throughout the semester, Brittany’s piece titled “Is Google God or Satan” stands out to me for its quality of prose. I love the way she started off with the quote, “Without its search engine, and the other engines that have been built on its model, the Internet would have long ago become a Tower of Digital Babel” (156). She describes the uses of Google in our lives in such an efficient and relatable manner. I think it was a really unique idea to pose a question in the middle of it, asking if Google and all that it has to offer is a problem or if it is good to have. This allows the reader to take a quick break to think about the question and how it pertains to him or herself. I also thought it was a great idea to list many different components of what Google can do in brief sentences. This is followed by Carr’s thoughts on the matter, which Brittany then connects to her own feelings about Google. I think overall this piece does a great job of giving multiple perspectives on Google and connects them together in a unique way.

I really admire Molly’s concept in 60 video about UDance. This is a great example of a piece where the writer has moved far beyond just writing and has really taken advantage of all that she can do on screen. I think it was clever to start off the video by proposing the question, “Why do UDance?” and then flashing this question on screen again on the brightly colored chalk board where students had the opportunity to provide their reasons for participating. This is a great introduction for not only her video, but also for UDance for those that are not as familiar with it. Showing the clips of students dancing, donating their hair and posing for pictures with their Be Positive heroes makes the viewer feel as if they are experiencing the thrill of UDance themselves. I also found it really helpful while watching it that Molly added a voiceover where she explained all of these aspects of the event since there are so many people who are not very familiar with UDance. The video conveyed a lot of meaning and shows how special this event is to Molly. I think she did a great job editing the video and making it look professional, but also sharing a personal passion she has with the entire class and showing a little bit more of who she is other than just as a writer.


Class, Wed, 2/08

Twitter, live-tweeting, media usage


Complete your User Profile. Add your Public Display name, photo, and a brief blurb.

Twitter: Live-Tweeting This Class

  • Quotation
  • Question
  • Comment
  • Link
  • Response/Retweet


Other Social Media Feeds

  • Facebook: Respond or start a new conversation
  • Instagram: Think “digital”, “rhetoric”, “writing”. What images comes to mind?

Media Usage Journal

Individually: Review the list you made yesterday. See if you can mark the items on it with the following tags:

  • Screen vs. Paper
  • Reader vs. Writer
  • Screen Device: Laptop, tablet, phone, projection screen, etc.
  • Paper device: Book, magazine, notebook, loose-leaf, etc.
  • Screen platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Word, Sakai/Canvas, WordPress, etc.

An example: My media usage journal for 2/07


In groups of four or five: Compare your annotated lists. See if you can create a group table that documents your collective media usage. Try to note:

  • Number of times individuals used screen or paper
  • Number of times as reader or writer
  • Duration: What platforms/devices did individuals spend most time with?

What observations do you want to make based on this data? What seems most salient? Most idiosyncratic? Email me a group document with your data and comments.

To Do

  1. Fri, 2/10: No class! But submit at least two posts related to this class to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  2. Mon, 2/13, class: Read through the course materials on this site. I’ll plan to spend some time responding to your questions and comments. Also read the prologue and first three chapters of Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows (pp.1–57). Your first writing for this course, a response to the first six chapters, will be due Thurs, 2/16, at 10:00 AM.
  3. Continue reading Carr to page 114.