Class, Fri, 5/12

Favorites (continued)

  • Jay and Ellie on Sam
  • Ashley on Ellie
  • Amanda on Nicole
  • Mackenzie on Allison
  • Nicole on Sam
  • Molly on Ashley

Responses to the Course


No Response to Outside Issues

As a person who rarely posts on social media, especially about anything topics intensely debated, I was not sure I was well prepared for this kind of assignment. To scroll through the issues of today plastered all over social media feeds and read the comments of passionate people is entirely different from being the one to make those posts. The issue I decided to post about for my social action assignment is considerably tamer than most posts I come across, but it is something important to myself that I decided I would attempt to inform others about. I chose to write about the abandonment of rabbits around the Easter holiday and how this degree of animal cruelty is incredibly overlooked against the stream of political debates, global worries and even issues of animal cruelty surrounding more popular species. It seemed a trivial topic, but something I wanted to attempt to bring to light and hoped would spark some kind of debate. The internet is a place for all sorts of discussions to happen despite whether they have a heavy relevance to the times and I considered this post as a kind of test to see if anyone would react. I received no likes or shares on my post and only a single comment from a family member. The video I used in my post was from a very renowned magazine, the National Geographic, which I had hoped would inspire more conversation. Knowing the Easter holiday has since passed, I still hoped to grab the attention of those who might understand that the issue of rabbit abandonment is still high at this time. Perhaps with more time might come more interaction with my post from the public.

Here is a link to the Facebook post I made.

Class, Fri, 2/17

Media Feeds

Responding to Carr

As individuals

Take a minute or two to read the comments on your post. Then spend a few more minutes writing a comment in response to those comments.

As groups

Begin by reading each of your posts aloud, so that they are fresh in everyone’s mind. (I don’t think this will take more than ten minutes.) Then please complete these two tasks:

  • Select one response to present to the class as a whole on Monday. Please select a post that you feel (a) has something interesting to say about Carr, and (b) says it in an interesting way. I’ll ask you in our next class to briefly point to what you think we can learn as digital writers from this post.
  • Develop a list of tips for making effective use of hyperlinks. Try to come up with at least three bits of advice. Email your list to me.

To Do

  1. Fri, 2/17, 11:59 pm: Make sure you’ve made least two posts to our media feeds.
  2. Mon, 2/20, class: Read as much of Carr as you can. Also read Fenton and Lee to p.9. Think about how you might use their advice in your writing for this course.
  3. Wed, 2/22, class: Finish Carr. Take an image related to The Shallows and/or this class and post it to our Instagram feed.