Groups and Comments

In order to give you a chance to see what some of the other people in this class are doing as writers, I’d like you to work as part of a six-person group.

Every Thursday I’d like you to read and write some comments on the work posted by the other five members of your group. These comments don’t need to be long—50 words or so will usually be fine. You might quickly note something you admire about a piece, or a point on which you disagree, or another text (or other passage in the text we’re all reading) that seems relevant.

The real point is for you to have read and thought about the other posts, since I would like to spend about half of our classes on Fridays discussing your work as writers. This will make sure you’re ready to do so.

Here are the groups:

Group 1

  • Jake B
  • Amanda D
  • Melinda G
  • Will K
  • Nicole M
  • Mackenzie S

Group 2

  • Jay B
  • Ellie D
  • Allison H
  • Peter K
  • Ashley M
  • Brittany W

Group 3

  • Alex C
  • Isabella D
  • Devon I
  • James K
  • Molly O
  • Sam W

Group 4

  • Graham C
  • Katie F
  • Elyssa I
  • jessica L
  • Sara R
  • Hannah W