Humans tend to move forward. Most of us do not move backwards in life’s roles because there is a clear progression from birth to death. In the opening paragraph of chapter three, Carr writes, “Our intellectual maturation as individuals can be traced through the way we draw pictures, or maps, of our surroundings. We begin with primitive, literal renderings … we advance to ever more accurate and more abstract…”(39). In speaking about humans in our early form, he draws a connection between how a child’s drawings of the sun and house may not be perfect but as they grow older those images may become a measured blueprint.

Technology has progressed in a similar way to how humans evolve.  A baby is planned and thought about before it is born just like the creation of the mobile phone. There may have been a rough plan at first but eventually that technology has evolved to being a computer in a child’s hand.

As we have advanced and so has technology. To live in this world, one must adapt to their environment to allow for future progress. Technology has to adapt as well so it can progress to the future. Where some elements may disappear overtime, they are usually for the better. Throughout history, humans have evolved to adjust to the ever changing world. A New York Times article speaks to this idea of technology extinction. It mentions how technology can avoid becoming extinct if humans learn to interact with it appropriately. Manjoo writes, “technologies have always gone belly up, but tech extinctions may become even more common over the next few years.”

While, yes, some tech companies are not going to have as great an understanding of their customers, Manjoo discusses how the top 5 companies will out last the others. To be a part of that, he suggests, “the point is to minimize the danger of getting locked in to any one company’s ecosystem.” By having a stake in most of these five companies, the chances of your technologies staying relevant are much more likely.

Carr uses this comparison between human development and technology development to express how some traits will come and go and others will continue to develop through our life. Because technology isn’t run on its own, as humans adapt so does technology. With these changes, the brands are what need to continue to change to not become extinct.