Semester Grade

Your final grade will reflect the consistency and thoughtfulness of the work you do throughout the semester. While I will not put letter grades on your writing, I will keep close track of all your work.  Here is how I will tabulate your final grade

Writings (12) 144 points
Social Media Posts (14) 14 points
Attendance (36) 36 points
Cell Phone Incentive 6 points
TOTAL 200 points

And here is how I will convert those points to letter grades at the end of the semester.

A 186 points
A– 180
B+ 174
B 166
B– 160
C+ 154
C 146
C– 140
D+ 134
D 126
D- 120


Since we will be discussing student work often in class, deadlines are firm and important. To earn a √ (12 points), your work must be on time, thoughtful, imaginative and edited with care. I am grudgingly willing to offer a √– (8 points) for work that is no more than two days late. Otherwise you get a zero. There will be a total of 12 written assignments, which means you can earn up to 144 points for your work on them.

12 points Good
√– 8 points Hurried, slight, or late
0 0 points Missing

Social Media

Since one of the goals of this course is to encourage you to develop a professional online presence, I will expect you to make at least two posts per week to our class threads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram. (Use #e397dr for both twitter and Instagram.) You can thus earn up to 14 points.

Attendance and Class Work

I expect you to participate actively in class. You will receive one point for each class you attend (including conferences and workshops). You can thus earn up to 36 points.

Cell Phone Incentive

I realize it can be hard to resist checking your phone (or other device) for texts and updates. (Or at least I think it is!) But I think it’s crucial that we focus in class on the work we are doing together in the room. I thus offer the following incentive: If you agree to put away your phone in class, as well as to refrain from checking social media on your other devices, I will add 6 points to your final grade. The first time I notice you checking your phone or social media in class, the bonus goes down to 3 points. If I catch you a second time, the deal is off.

Missed Work and Plagiarism

I expect you to complete all the work assigned for this course. Missing assignments will count as a zero or F. And I of course expect that all the work you do will be your own. If you plagiarize any of your work for this course, the penalty will be an F for the assignment, and possibly for the course. I am also obligated to report serious cases of plagiarism to the Office of Student Conduct.