The Written Word Still Works

The written word has many great uses that are lost upon much of the youth of today. The world has been overtaken by podcasts and videos and texting, leaving very little use for a medium such as the unaided written word. Or, at least that is what uninitiated of the uses of publications would be lead to believe. Throughout the semester in the course of English 397 this concept has been approached in a variety of manners, some less apparent while others are rather obvious and yet underutilized. I found the medium exercises its greatest affordances with succinct and important quotes that speak for the piece as a whole in poignant ways. In addition, accompaniments of written pieces that further exposit important ideals of the work are a key affordance of the medium as well.

An example from the course of great quotable writing I found was within Devon’s work earlier on in the semester. In Devon’s piece “Is Memorizing a Waste of Time?” my colleague writes about how he believes that the internet has in unintentional ways depleted our ability to memorize information due to the simplicity of search engines and access to the world wide web. The concept in it of itself is a fascinating read, however it is punctuated with an exclamation point with a phrase that I feel drives the point home in a thought-provoking manner. Devon says “In my opinion, the only thing to be worried about when it comes to Internet dependence is what happens if we were to lose connection.” This sentence ends the passage but also bridges the thought process into the outside of the reading, making the reader question himself or herself and revisit the piece again. A simple choice of words can have that power; the ability to provoke thought and to stimulate interest, and I feel Devon does just that in his writing here.

As previously stated, as impressive as just really well written works are, the affordance the medium has it that additional attachments can be included to further the words. That can be seen in Isabella’s piece “Everyday Curators” from a few months ago. Isabella has a strong argument in regards to the uses of Google and how it has become a tool for mankind that allows for greater knowledge. However great her words were though they were only amplified and emphasized through her use of accompaniments, such as her screenshot of the Google Trends homepage. This is an aspect of Google’s search engine that Isabella writes about, but the image illustrates and drives home the point, clarifying the impact of the resource. The use of the image goes beyond the writing and brings the crux of the piece full circle for the reader in a way that could not have been done otherwise. The written word allows for works like these and others to act as examples of the power that words on a page still have even in spite of the various of popular mediums that are present all around us today.


Author: James K

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