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For my selection of a post that demonstrates “quality of prose” I picked Amanda’s social action post about her old teacher, Bambi. I liked that she not only told us about the highlights of the situation, but she added her own voice and experience to the pool. A moment in particular struck me,

“Because of my contribution to the #ThanksBambi hashtag, I may be banned from the theater when it comes to auditioning and being in shows in the future. It was rumored that anyone who used this hashtag was being put on a blacklist.”

I missed this the first time I read her piece, and I wanted to point it out her because of her passion. I think it’s always hard to realize when a group you’re apart of strays from your own moral code, and even harder to express your distaste. I think her disregard for her potential shunning from the Milburn Theater is a demonstration of her love and support for an instructor that changed her life.

In terms of a post that goes “beyond writing” I had to go with James’ infamous “How to Properly Watch a Movie at Home” video. I think there is a common theme with both Amanda and James’ piece: passion. What makes James’ video so great is the fact that you can tell he loves Star Wars. His passion makes me more interested because I know it is coming from a genuine place. As for a few seconds in particular that I would like to point out, my favorite part of his video were the jokes he included. It wasn’t just a “How To” video, the goofy element made it more than that. The comedic undertones definitely would not have been as obvious or received as well if he did this assignment as a block of text. The video starts out more straight forward, but the comedy that he sprinkles in adds something extra. I think that is one of the reasons everyone reacted to his post in such a positive way.


Author: Alexandra

I am a junior Psychology major with a Writing minor at University of Delaware.

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