Love and Admiration

Like many of my classmates, I’ve had the privilege being witness to great pieces of work, both written and multimedia. So while there are many that could go in this post, and while I’m surely neglecting a bevy of content that is worthy, I’ll stick with that few that stood out.

Amanda’s video on subtweeting was elegantly created. She seamlessly edited the piece to make it appear as if it were done professionally. In comparing it to my editing skills, well, there really is no comparison. It was a pleasure to watch. The content itself was interesting as well. I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to using social media. In fact, I’m quiet a novice. But if Amanda were to create a serious on all the in’s and out’s of social media, I feel like I’d be one of the many viewers to tune in. Social media’s ever growing importance in our lives was highlighted in many of the books we read and many of the conversations we had in this class. Amanda seems to have a keen knowledge of it, using it to convey messages that would otherwise be wasted with a less-skilled person relaying it. So this video, like the many I hope she makes in the future, was simply great.

It would silly to not mention and honorable mention here — Ellie’s remediation, Concept 60 video. Without going into too much detail, I was almost awash with tears after I heard it. It was beautifully written, and even more beautifully spoken. Thanks a bunch for that, Ellie.

As for written work, I’ll turn to Jake’s ‘Plaintiff and Defense’ piece. After our group read this piece out loud, we knew that he had to share it with the class. First of all, following the progress of Jake’s writing all semester has been a treat; he really has developed into a well-rounded writer. And I believe this piece was his best. The last paragraph struck me more than anything else, especially the last line:

“I know I harped on a very minute point made by Ronson, but I think this is a very important point, and that he would agree. If there is no plaintiff and defense, then there is only an executioner.”

Just wow. The writer in me became all giddy and excited after reading this. It’s important, as a writer, to channel your most deliberate and meaningful statements into all of your paragraphs, thought at times you have to choose when it would be best to wow your audience. I think Jake did a fantastic job at this, saving perhaps the most important part of his piece for the very end. He kept me reading, and that’s the best quality a writer can have.




Author: wkebbe

Reader and writer, trying to accumulate knowledge and remain curious about the unknown

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