Jake’s Favorites!

I really liked a lot of different pieces for different reasons this semester – this assignment was difficult! Picking only two pieces was like picking my favorite candy in a chocolate store (I love all chocolate).

I managed to narrow it down though. And the first piece I’d like to talk about is Amanda’s piece, “Ronson for the Gold.” I have a specific quote that I enjoyed for the prose of it. But I also liked how she was able to connect what we were reading to real-time events (United Airlines and Pepsi) and their recent dealings with public shaming. Her ability to connect our readings in class to current events showcases her writing skill and finesse in such a way that highlights her maturity as a writer.

The part I really enjoyed in her piece was:

“Ronson makes the point that each of the attackers made a choice as to whether they wanted to shame that person or not. Whether they thought they were “doing something good” or not, they each made the choice.”

First of all, I agree with the point she is making here about Ronson. That everyone has a choice when they’re online and that technology is simply a catalyst – not the issue itself.

I also liked her use of repetition to drive home her point, saying “made a choice” twice. And also her use of diction – calling the tweeters, “attackers.” Which is a fair choice of word in this case.

Also driving home the point, using the quoted ‘doing something good’ – it oversimplifies and understates that issue at hand – and I think this does a beautiful job of using underestimation to emphasize the point she was making.

For “moving beyond writing,” I have to pick James’ “Concept in 60 video.” Could this concept be translated into text? Into step-by-step instructions? Absolutely.

But there’s no way you’d get the same feeling of enjoyment and hilarity that you get from watching this essential concept in a 60 second video. While being wonderfully edited and put together, James’ video showcases his love for Star Wars which helps the reader or viewer relate to the video and pay attention that much more – and it also doesn’t feel like an ad, which perhaps a written text with a plug for Star Wars might seem.

The effort put into this concept video certainly helped James move beyond the page and find a certain tone and connection with the viewer that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with simple written text.

You see a friendly guy showing you how to maximize your enjoyment when you finally find some time to sit down and watch a movie for yourself. Well done!


Author: Jake B

I am an Economics student with an interest in writing, business, and how the economies of the world work. Whether the problems are in labor markets, policy issues, or small business, I am ripe to learn about anything and everything that may affect change in these interests.

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