The weekly posts throughout the semester are one of the unique things that I enjoyed about this class. I have been shown different points of view as well as different platforms to use. One piece that I really enjoyed for its writing was Graham’s piece “Internet Etiquette: Put Down Your (Pitch) Fork” in which he discusses and compares Ronson and Boyd. This piece stood out to me for both what it says, and how it says it. You can tell through the prose that Graham is very passionate about what he is saying. The whole posts revolves around how the internet is an inescapable part of today’s society. He brings up both author’s points of view, quotes from both books, and then still uses is own point of view. He brought it all together by saying, “civil rights development and even political development took and is still taking quite a while to develop: so do your best to make the web a better place but don’t be a lofty idealist”. It’s up to us to make the internet what we want it to be and that’s shown here.

A post that moved beyond words for me was Ellie’s remediation piece of her poem. I sat in awe after listening/watching it. The words themselves were so powerful, but the way in which Ellie used her voice, shaping the tone and controlling the line breaks. In addition to the amazing use of voice she also added pictures, which mostly don’t seem to belong to her, but help give a visual that alludes to the poems topic. The pictures also create a mood that is enhanced by the words and the way in which they are said. Everything about this piece was powerful and Ellie did an amazing job taking words on paper and putting it into a video.


Author: Sara Reuschling

I am an English major with a minor in Sociology at the University of Delaware. The aim of this account is to learn as much as possible about the ever-growing changes in the world with an open mind and connect the information to my life experiences, especially regarding technology and digital rhetoric.

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