Throughout this course, we have all written and created amazing digital works. We all worked incredibly hard to showcase our talents and artistic knowledge through the use of digital media. I feel like I’m on the bachelor by saying this, but I can only choose two that really stood out to me. Those two are Amanda’s A Letter to Carr and Ellie’s Remedial Piece.

I sincerely admire the approach Amanda took in her piece A Letter to Carr. She did not just simply respond to Carr’s redundant notions just as a “here’s what I think”; she provided a voice, or rather a character to her response which made it extremely interesting to read. With her voice and character, she made her piece more personal, as if you were sitting in on a conversation between both Amanda and Carr, but you were at the point where it was Amanda’s turn to speak. She kept a very strong point throughout the entirety of response, drawing in on her own understanding of the concepts and putting a twist on them by bringing up personal anecdotes of watching a Kiss Cam video and learning of the bystander effect in her communications class to further her point. Also, the physical structure of her response was very appealing and in a way, eye-catching as well. It was almost written in the format of an online newspaper article with the large bolded quote and placement of the very appropriate image she chose. This is definitely a great example of a very original and well-written piece.

Another piece I also sincerely admire is Ellie’s Remedial Piece, it was an extremely powerful poem and a personal one as well, which I truly appreciate Ellie sharing. Ellie’s approach allowed the viewer of her video to feel her words, the way reading would not allow for. You could get a sense of the intensity of emotions behind her words, you were able to feel Elli’s feelings through this piece. Her words were already meaningful, but when you hear it, it allows for a completely different experience. The images Ellie chose were also incredibly moving as she provided videos of her descriptions, aiding her writing in a way that no longer left the imagination to the viewer, allowing them to see her words come to life. This was an absolutely beautiful and powerful poem.


Author: Ashley M

I major in both Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware. My goal for this blog is to provide thought-provoking responses to our use of technology, how it has changed, and how we use it today in order to have a better understanding of the ever-changing digital world.

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