2 favorite posts

One of my favorite posts from this semester was James’ concept in 60. One thing that I love to talk about when comparing written word to film is subtlety. A transcript of James’ video would be simple instructions on how to watch a film, but the visuals tell a different and comedic story about Star Wars. As the video begins on you see first that he is putting in a Star Wars disc, which could be any movie. But by the end, he is in full Jedi robe with a lightsaber. It is clear that James loves Star Wars (as everyone should) and I find it interesting how he showed this with visuals and no words.

My favorite bit of writing actually comes from James as well, and this time he is directly writing about Star Wars, which is cool. In his writing as social action post, James, within two sentences, goes from stating very flat information “Mark Hamill, the man who has portrayed Luke Skywalker for four decades” to using first person casual language “I figured “. Particularly, I liked how James structured the post, going from the process of how he made his post, to some information about reddit regarding his post, and ending on thoughts about social media in general. The end of the second paragraph states: “ The topic was hot for a split second, and then moved past”. The end of the final paragraph: “This applies to social media as well as television, film, music, and many other areas of our society. The fleeting attention given to Mark Hamill’s comments is just a statistic in what I feel is a broader mindset across ages and mediums, not just Reddit” could follow directly from the previous quote, but it does not. There is an entire paragraph between them. This shows a consistent thread that his post follows, and shows how expertly it is structured.


Author: Devon I

UD student, Junior English major.

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