Nice job everyone!

In this class, everyone has their own writing style. Each person uses their talents to do the same project and put a different spin on it. One of my favorite pieces is Jake’s regarding Ronson. He discusses many incidences where he uses the analogy of a plaintiff and defendant to describe situations like United Airlines and Uber. Jake goes on to say that in public shaming that Ronson describes, “…there is no defense attorney – there is no defense. There is simply a mob, and mob’s destroy things. One person follows the next because everyone says it’s a good idea.” I agree with this statement because it describes that there is one person vs. many. In some of Ronson’s examples, he described one person shaming another but many times, through the internet, others join in that don’t know the situation or the person at all. Jake closes this piece by saying, “If there is no plaintiff and defense, then there is only an executioner.” I thought this was a powerful way to close the piece about shaming. The act of shaming can be so detrimental to someone’s life and there is no one there to stop it or act on their behalf.

My other favorite piece was Allison’s digital writer profile. By choosing someone that was close to her, her mother, she was able to have a great deal of information about the source and could link to other information. I enjoyed her original piece about her mom’s interior design writing but her remediation stood out. She changed many aspects like adding links and images to display the work that she had written about. Being able to look at these examples of her digital writing, made it easier for me to understand the strength and energy put into the work. Creating web pages and unique Instagram posts isn’t easy, so being able to see what she does with furniture and floor plans in homes gave me a greater understanding of the types of digital work she does.



Author: Mackenzie

With a mix of knowledge, I strive to compile English, psychology and advertising to enhance the digital world.

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