My Favorites

Over the course of this semester, I have really enjoyed reading all of the different posts by so many different types of people. I have also found it really interesting seeing people work with mediums other than the written word.

The post that I admire for its quality of the prose is Sara Reuschling’s piece called Information Overload. My favorite part of her response was: “In that sense, I have multiple faucets running but I still choose which faucets to fill my thimble and later bathtub”(Sara’s piece). Earlier in the response, she quotes Carr who uses that metaphor. I really enjoyed how she used Carr’s own words and spun them for her argument. When I read this response and especially that specific line of Sara’s piece I thought it was very clever, and it definitely stuck with me.

The post that I admire for how the writer has moved beyond writing is Ellie’s remediation. Ellie took a very personal poem and turned it into a video. The power of the words in her poem spoke for themselves, but I thought the way that she edited the video was very impressive and impactful. She used found videos with a voiceover to convey her poem. I thought the choice to not have music in the background was very important and allowed her voice to really stand out. Overall, with the use of video, Ellie made her poem have a much greater impact and really resonate with the audience.



Author: Jessica Leibman

I am a Freshman at the University of Delaware and I am majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. I want to add my voice to current issues we face.

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