Throughout this semester, I have come across such a wide variety of posts that I have really admired. One post which I admire for its quality of prose is Will’s concept in 60 remediation piece. I enjoyed how playful and creative he was with this assignment. He built upon future Will’s character in a very descriptive way that may not have been construed the same way if it had been through a different medium. I recognize Will’s piece as a natural flow of his thoughts and story-telling.  One of my favorite quotes from this post was:

He wanted to taste the bounty of life, to behold the wonders of life outside the auto shop. What he really wanted to be is an exotic dancer. So he came up with this plan to go back in time, using the blueprints for the time machine he helped make, to motivate his younger self to take control of his life, even if it meant helping him make a PB&J.”

I enjoyed this part because it made me laugh while allowing me to understand both this post and his concept in 60 post even better. Will gives his readers everything we need to know about his character: what his aspirations and ambitions are, even if making a PB&J sandwich was part of that. Future Will could have easily said these things about himself if this had been a video but the readers received a lot more description through this piece.

One post I admire for how the writer moved beyond writing is Sam’s remediation of his Hudson River Blues poem. The poem was inspired by a picture he took of the Hudson River and he provided that photo in the video. I really enjoyed this video because I feel as though he described the picture so perfectly. Specifically, when he says the line: “and tuck myself in / with the blanket of clouds that rolls overhead” the video pans up to the actual blanket like clouds Sam is referring to. Poems are open to a lot of different interpretations but Sam gave his viewers a peek into his specific thoughts and ideas with the use of this video.


Author: Isabella D

I am a senior at the University of Delaware, studying English, Advertising and French.

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