I admire the prose in James’ first piece we wrote for this class. When trying to think of a favorite work related to prose, this immediately came to mind. This is the section that stuck out to me –

“The Internet being at each and every person’s fingertips is, in a sense, taking our humanity from us. One could say, our mind is going. So in response to my originally posed question, the Internet is allowing our brains to become a screen; not capable of producing results or interaction, just capable of mirroring the search engine results found on the Internet.”

This made me really stop and think about technology and how it affects us. The diction and syntax he uses are powerful and persuasive. I think he did a great of capturing the reader’s attention and forcing them to think a little deeper.

I admire how Ashley moved beyond the page in her remediation video. The entire video was captivating and interesting. Her talent really shone through and her message was easy to understand. Also, viewers were able to hear her passion for art through her voice. That is not something that could be done over text.


Author: Molly O'Neill

I am an Organizational and Community Leadership major and a Writing minor at the University of Delaware. I am also a dedicated member of the DE Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi and the UD Equestrian Team.

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