Favorite Posts

I’ve selected two posts for different reasons. First, I’ve really come to admire Ashley as a writer because of her prose. In one particular post I liked, Ashley depicted the way we use the internet flawlessly through her careful diction, and overall she conveyed the image really well.

“I allow my fingers to maneuver across the keyboard in almost record speed. It suddenly dawned on me that I did not know the exact age of Robert Downey Jr. and the desire to disclose this information was a matter of urgency; ten dollars were on the line that he was not over the age of fifty and I was not about to miss my opportunity to take my misinformed friend’s cash. I slightly tapped the enter key and my question was answered within nanoseconds–  just like that, I was plugged into the vast and ceaseless world of the Internet.”

I admire Ashley’s writing style because I think it’s unique to her, and I like what she does with her writing and diction. Throughout the semester I think she’s produced thought provoking, clear and concise images through her words.

A post which I thought did something beyond its written text was Sam’s poem.


Sam’s poem reaches beyond the abilities of plain text because it physically speaks to us. I think assigning a voice to the text shapes the way we interpret it as humans, and overall it has potential to move us a little more than it would if it were conveyed just through plain text. I think both authors did an excellent job.

Author: Ellie

I'm an aspiring novelist just trying to write.

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