Favorite Posts

One thing I have really enjoyed throughout this semester was reading everyone’s posts to the site. While all given the same prompt to write about, somehow everyone managed to write about something different so there were about 20 different perspectives and opinions to read about each week.

One write that I really admire for his prose and quality of writing is Will. His posts are always composed of really well-crafted sentences that seem to come to him with ease.

One example is from his most recent post where he remediated his concept in 60 video. While the whole story he wrote provides great imagery in the mind of the reader, some sentences in particular that stand out in their descriptiveness are:

He was the head cashier of a Pep Boys auto shop, the dinky little shack down the street for him. It was there that he felt at home. The walls were lined with greasy tools and old tires, the floor battered with stains from years of mechanical work.”


“Will knew he had one shot to make it back to his younger self on that fateful night years ago. He pressed the red button, then the blue, then the green, then the red again, and finally the yellow. The machine turned on, humming like the sound of an engine. Will stepped inside. He waved goodbye to Dr.Bernstein. He might not see him again.”


I think Sam’s “How to Make a Grand Entrance” successfully demonstrated how you can move beyond writing. Reading this as a step-by-step guide (something like WikiHow) would be very confusing and hard to understand. During each entrance that he shows- his friend’s and his own- hearing his voice was really effective. Sure, one can try to describe the intonation of someone’s voice but that is very hard to successfully get across strictly on page. Hearing how his voice changes between his first generic entrance and his second attempt and seeing his facial expressions is something that provides great aid to the viewer that cannot be done on page.


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