Writing: Favorites

In our last two class meetings of this semester, I’d like to celebrate the work that all of you have done. Here’s how you can help.

You’ve read a lot of pieces composed by your classmates this semester. I’d like you to identify two favorite posts/pieces:

  • One post which you admire for its quality of prose, for particular sentences or paragraphs that the author has crafted;
  • One post which you admire for how the writer has moved beyond writing—has done something on screen that you can’t do on the page.

(You will note that I am returning here to the idea of affordances which I began the term by talking about. What can you do in writing? What can you do beyond writing?)

But here is the kicker: You cannot simply reference an entire post. You must select and quote: a sentence or two from a post, or few seconds from a video or audio file, or a particularly effective use of images or links or formatting. In any case, you have to quote from within a post, not simply refer to it.

Explain what you like and admire about these two moments in two pieces. While I hope for critical insight, I also aim for celebration.

I’ll ask each of you to briefly present your favorites to the class. I’ll project your post; you’ll talk for about two minutes. This should be fun!

Deadline: Tues, 5/09, 10 00 am


Author: Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.

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