Remediation of my Profile

For my remediation assignment, I decided to use my profile on Katie that I did last week. There was a lot of advice and pointers that she said that I had to leave out because I didn’t want to make the profile too long or get off topic. For my remediation, I decided to take all of her advice and transfer it onto a Prezi (for people who don’t know, Prezi is an online template where you can create presentations) in a listicle-like format. She had a lot of good ideas I did not get to share, so I thought this would be a great way to showcase them.

Since my profile on Katie was more about capturing her as a person and less about her work, I thought my remediation should attempt to reframe our conversation to focus on writing.

My question that prompted Katie to talk about tips for writing online was:

“Is there any advice you have for my class about writing online pieces? Do you think there are different rules with print vs. digital?”

Here’s my Prezi about her response to that question!


Author: Alexandra

I am a junior Psychology major with a Writing minor at University of Delaware.

3 thoughts on “Remediation of my Profile”

  1. This is a really cool idea! The Prezi provides an easy way to access the information for anyone who might want to reference it. I think that Katie gives some great advice and I enjoyed reading it. Also, Prezi can sometimes be frustrating or time-consuming to work with, so props to you for creating this!


  2. I like how Prezi ‘chunks’ information. It makes each concept or aspect stand out with greater emphasis. I like that you remediated without just translating the information, but rather focused on a different aspect (her thoughts on writing). If only Prezi had made it as big as Powerpoint… it’s much more enjoyable to absorb information from!


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