Remediation Of A Digital Writer

When thinking about a digital writer I admire, the first person to come to mind is my mom, Donna Hochman. Although her career is not centered around writing, she has educated herself on the proper methods of using different social media accounts over the past year. Donna started her own interior design business over fifteen years ago, but realized that it’s time to expand her presence to social media.


I started off the interview by asking if she feels that her social media presence has increased her business a significant amount.

Donna: Growing my social media presence has definitely increased my business and has given me a lot more clients. It has given me more presence in the design industry and makes people aware of my work that otherwise would have no idea that my business even exists.

Which social media platform do you find most useful and why?

Donna: I have found Houzz to be extremely useful as it allow me to post multiple pictures of projects I have completed and include details about the projects so potential clients can get an idea of the kind of work I do. (Houzz is a digital platform for home remodeling and design, with a goal of bringing homeowners and professionals together in this visual community specific to the topic of design). Current clients also have the ability to write reviews on my work so prospective clients are able to see real feedback on my business. House is also great because I can put together idea books for potential clients which is unique to this platform specifically. To my surprise, I have also found Instagram to be extremely helpful for getting my business out there. Often times I’ll take pictures of jobs I have completed and send them back to the vendors where I purchased the furniture in the space. They in turn have taken my pictures and posted them on their Instagram accounts where they have thousands of followers and I have then gained followers through that. I have also gained followers through the use of hashtags and creating strategic captions that instantly connect users to my profile. (Below is an example of a picture that was sent to a vendor, Pottery Barn, which they posted to their Instagram account for their thousands of followers to see).


Do you think you’ve grown as a digital writer and do you feel confident in your ability to increase your presence even more now?

Donna: Using social media for someone of my generation is constantly a learning process, but I feel more confident now in my ability to post on social media and use the proper methods for the different platforms.

Do you think writing digitally is more beneficial than in print?

Donna: It is definitely easier to connect to people and much less expensive than print advertising. I need to continue to post regularly on Instagram and grow my profile on Houzz while getting more followers. The more I post and the more I submit to venders, the more possibilities I have.

What do you want to learn to do next?

I would love to learn how to blog on a regular basis to expand my presence even more. I think this would be a great way to showcase my work in a new way with more writing than I have done in the past, to hopefully add more helpful descriptions of finished projects.


Author: Allison H

I'm an English major and a journalism minor with a love for creative writing through social media.

2 thoughts on “Remediation Of A Digital Writer”

  1. I really enjoyed learning more about your mom and seeing her talents. Her work looks amazing! I liked reading about her work before because I thought it was an interesting way to use social sites, but seeing them adds a new layer.


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