Remediation of a Digital Voice

For my remediation project, I chose to do our most recent post: the profiling of a digital writer. I chose this post to do because when conducting my interview, I feel like there was something missing regarding the more expressional value Jordan’s work has considering his follower pool is not an exceptional amount. I focused on the impact he made/was trying to make instead of also asking about his thought/emotional process. Therefore, I am not changing much to the original post but rather adding to it with another dimension and some tweets as examples. Jordan has social media accounts on almost all possible social media networks, but twitter is where he puts in the most effort. It’s on his Twitter that he posts the most, both comical, little blurbs and his promotions, so that is the platform I mainly focused on.

What makes you post what you post? Is it just what comes to mind or is there deep thought before posting?

Jordan: Sometimes I will just think of something to write because I find it funny or just want to say it out loud for some reason. Other times there will be an issue going on and I hear a lot of people talking about it. For the most part I try to avoid posting about my opinions at least on Facebook where I have a lot of family members and older followers that might disagree. I do post my opinion about issues more on Twitter and Instagram than I do anywhere else because my followers are more accepting and less judgmental on those sites; I don’t know if it’s because they’re younger or if there is just a lot of people I don’t actually know that happen to like the things I write.

Do you think you have an impact and/or could have a larger impact somehow? If so, how would you go about this?

Jordan: When I post about things I don’t really post to make a big reaction. I post things that I want to talk about or that pop into my head. I haven’t really thought about whether or not I could make an impact on people’s lives. I’m not sure I would want that weight on my shoulders. I don’t know, I just like having the freedom to post whatever I want and if people agree then cool but if not then they don’t have to read what I write. I guess if I tried to make a bigger impact I would talk to some of my connections and see what they could do. I’m friends with a handful of people that are famous on social media that could help get my word out about something it’s just never been something I thought a lot about.

Are there things you would not post on Twitter that you would in a personal journal/some other outlet others would never see?

Jordan: Oh God definitely. Twitter is like… a public diary. Somewhere to vent and talk about whatever you want, but still something that other people can see. I think everyone has things they don’t put out there for everyone to see and judge, but I don’t really want to talk about those things because that would be making them public! Let’s just say I try to avoid posting certain personal opinions or feelings that could either start drama or something that I don’t want.

Do you get a certain satisfaction when you post something to Twitter that you wouldn’t receive writing in a personal journal/some other outlet others would never see?

Jordan: I guess just knowing I got something off my chest or shared something…. But I don’t think it’s any different than the satisfaction anyone could get from having their thoughts heard.

Two examples of the range of Jordan’s posts: a promotional tweet and a comical thought:

Displaying FullSizeR.jpg Displaying FullSizeR.jpg


Author: Sara Reuschling

I am an English major with a minor in Sociology at the University of Delaware. The aim of this account is to learn as much as possible about the ever-growing changes in the world with an open mind and connect the information to my life experiences, especially regarding technology and digital rhetoric.

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