Remediation: From Writing to Art

I chose to take a visual approach for my remediation piece. Earlier in the course, we were to incorporate an image in our second response to Nicholas Carr. At fist, I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about doing that and didn’t know how to find and image that would really describe what I was trying to get across in my response. I eventually just looked up an image on google images that didn’t really have much to do with my writing and it was pretty generic. Visual images incorporated into writing can expand on what it is you’re talking about in your work. I wanted to take this opportunity to turn my writing into images that articulated my ideas in my response as well as Nicholas Carr’s.  I didn’t just want to make one image that I would incorporate into my piece or an image that would only describe one specific part of Carr’s notions. Rather, I wanted to turn my writing into something that would carry the concepts I delved into in my response, and create images that did not need text to support it. I made three cartoons which touched on my thoughts on what Carr was saying throughout his writing as well as an exaggeration of Carr. I took inspiration from Jeff Stahler’s[kidphone


Author: Ashley M

I major in both Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware. My goal for this blog is to provide thought-provoking responses to our use of technology, how it has changed, and how we use it today in order to have a better understanding of the ever-changing digital world.

12 thoughts on “Remediation: From Writing to Art”

  1. I think your images were very funny, and also very true relating to how people act these days and what Carr would think. I liked this first one because it shows a computer literally re-shaping a brain, which I thought was funny. Turning a post into drawings was a really good idea and you executed it well!

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  2. Ashley, I like the approach you took to this assignment. Art is a great way to express a message and I think you did a great job of doing so. I also like how you covered different sides of the way technology is viewed.

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    1. I really love the pictures your drew for this assignment! They are a great depiction of Carr’s thoughts on technology and social media. This is a great way to visualize his thoughts and think about the text that we read in a new way.

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  3. I think everyone can relate to the second image that you drew. The first drawing and the last one both, I think, accurately show the pessimism (at times irrational) fears of Carr. While he made some valid points, at times he seemed a little ridiculous and i think you showed that well.

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  4. So jealous of you right now-I’m not artistic at all. I like how you use what you’re good at and incorporate it into the assignment. It reminds me of your Concept video with that drawing of the woman with the striking eyes

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