For my remediation piece, I decided to go back to my social action piece. I thought this was a good choice to make into a video because I have a lot of information on it, plus I ended up having one guy comment on my post which I was not able to share with the class. I decided to add more information on the wage gap in my remediation, and show the comments from someone who doesn’t believe in the wage gap while telling you how I feel about it.



Author: Brittany Walls

I am currently a student at the University of Delaware studying English, but eventually want to be a nurse.

3 thoughts on “Remediation”

  1. I think making your post into a video allowed you to share a lot more information on it and really captivate your audience. I know when I see long social action posts on Facebook I tend to not read them, but I think in the video you successfully organized all your ideas. I also thought the guy commenting was very interesting and I’m glad you shared it. You handled an opposing viewpoint very well.


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