Brushing Your Teeth Remediation

For my remediation project, I decided to go back to my concept in 60 video, which was how to brush your teeth. This time I decided to call up one of my older brothers and ask him a few questions that relate to my methods about his whole brushing of the teeth process. I also go to ask him some questions on some parts I wanted to include in my video, but didn’t have enough of a time frame to include. Since he is my brother I was able to ask questions in a pretty relaxed and maybe somewhat comical manner so the interview wasn’t that bad, so here it goes:

  1. You’re supposed to brush your teeth at the very least 2 times a day, but being your younger brother I’ve seen you skip brushing your teeth whole days at a time sometimes, but now that you don’t live at home and have a real job and everything, can you tell me how many times a day you brush those chompers?

Tim: “First of all, I’ve seen you go full days without brushing for whole days when we were younger and I’ve always at least brushed my teeth once a day (I had to call him out for lying) but now being grown up and all, I brush my teeth when I wake up and before I go to sleep, with the occasional midday brush.”

2. So I had to make this video for one of my classes, called a “Concept in 60” which was basically taking any idea or concept and showing it in 60 seconds. For mine I did the process of how to brush your teeth. When I did it, I rinsed my tooth brush in water before putting the tooth paste on and some people think that is weird while others think its normal. Can you give me a little insight on how you go about brushing your teeth?

Tim: “Yea, so I have heard people who don’t rinse their tooth brush before and me personally I always do because I think it feels so weird and dry when I forget to rinse my tooth brush first. At least the bristle aren’t as hard when you rinse the brush first to.”

3. Here’s the big question brother. The dentist says that we should all brush our teeth for a span of 2 minutes. I have an electric tooth brush (the most banging Christmas present I’ve ever gotten) that turns off after 2 minutes of brushing, so tell me honestly stank breath (just a joke, his breath doesn’t stink), do you brush your teeth for the full 2 minutes?

Tim: “I mean I never count the time when I’m brushing my teeth, but I brush for what I think is 2 minutes. Sorry I’m not a weirdo who asks for toothbrushes for Christmas like.

4. In my video, I didn’t get enough time to fit in the importance of mouthwash and flossing, and I know every time I go to the dentist they stress the importance of flossing, so be honest with your lil’ bro. Do you floss you teeth and use mouth wash?

Tim: “Yea man, I can’t say I floss everyday. There will be like streaks of me flossing everyday twice a day, and then there’s different streak where I just don’t floss at all. I do use mouthwash once a day though, usually in the mornings before work because I want the minty fresh breath, you know what I’m sayin’.”

Overall, you can see that my interview with my brother Tim was pretty much just a comparison of the steps I included in my Concept in 60 video that help me and others get a sense of how people do things differently sometimes, just giving a verbal and written form rather than a video format for brushing teeth.


Author: Jay B

I'm a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in english and playing on the club lacrosse team

One thought on “Brushing Your Teeth Remediation”

  1. I thought this was great. Turning the medium of a video, made by one person, into a conversation shows a radically different perspective on any topic. In this instance, a tooth brushing is such an individual and personal thing that by bringing in someone else’s experience and comparing it to your own, the change from the original video is immediately clear.


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