For my remediation piece, I chose to work with a research paper I wrote for my ENGL110 course freshman year. For this particular piece, we had to generate our own data. The subject I chose to research was how women are portrayed in literature and I constructed an online survey I shared to my Facebook and the University of Delaware Class of 2019 Facebook page.

Here is the page from my paper that explain my results:


Here is the infographic I created for this assignment:

Remediation ENGL397

5 thoughts on “Remediation”

  1. This is really interesting! Your graphics make the information easy to comprehend and visually understand. Sometimes the message sinks in more when you can see the results instead of read them, but I also think that pairing your paper and infographics together would create one very powerful piece.


  2. I find what you did for the remediation very interesting. I think the graphics make the information from your research paper a lot easier to comprehend. It is easy for me to look at the graphics quickly and understand what you are talking about, but with writing, it takes longer and requires more concentration. I think the combination of both of the research paper and the graphics really allow you to achieve what you are trying to say.


    1. I really like how you transformed your results into an infographic and allowed us to view it in a new way. Being a visual person myself, I find it extremely helpful when I am able to see a visual outline of a set of data or results from something, and I think you did a great job of this!


  3. I think it was a really good idea for you to use an infographic! I was thinking of making one myself because I love how they can be easy to follow and captivating. Your use of graphs and images definitely get your point across better than a written paragraph, nice job!


  4. I wish every research report looked this interesting and creative. A lot of times reading reports can be boring, but your graphics and images of characters I am familiar with catches my eye more. I am more interested in reading the findings in this sort of presentation rather than just a paragraph that you also posted.


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