Remedial Piece

I found a poem I wrote about a year ago and decided to recreate it as a video without text.

This poem was very personal, and the way it translated to video shows that. But I still wanted to revise it, so no judgments please!

Here it is!

Author: Ellie

I'm an aspiring novelist just trying to write.

4 thoughts on “Remedial Piece”

  1. Wow. That was immensely personal and immensely powerful and I commend you for using this poem as your remediation piece. As I watched your video, I got the chills; that is how adding images and video can be can be immensely effective next to or with a piece of text. Additionally, I thought that the way you read your poem in a slower manner helped provide a more powerful tone as well. Nicely done!


  2. This was a very powerful piece and I commend you for sharing it. I think the video that you added with the poem was extremely effective in evoking emotion. I know when I watched it I got chills and was very captivated. I also think the lack of background noise and the loudness of your voice enhanced the tone of the poem.


    1. You did an amazing job putting this video together! It’s so admirable that you were able to share all of these personal feelings. I could sense your emotions through the tone of your voice as well as the video clips you encorporated.


  3. I really enjoyed how you decided to remediate this piece because I feel like the audio and the images in the video made it that much more powerful. These things definitely gave your poem more depth and more meaning. I was very captivated the entire time – it was very well done!!


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