My first post on this site at the beginning of the semester was about a conversation I had had with my older brother. He complained that I was on my phone while we were sitting silently in a car, then lectured me on how the internet is changing people. I dismissed him. Two weeks later, I found myself reading Carr in this class.

For this assignment I recreated the original conversation with my brother by writing a dialogue and performing it with a voice actor I know (unfortunately, Skype didn’t pick up his audio too well and its fuzzy and echoes).

I chose to do this because I wanted to revisit the first thing I did in this class. I think I was a little hasty back then to buy into Carr’s doom and gloom, and wanted to have another chance to present what I was thinking back then.

Here’s the video:


Author: Devon I

UD student, Junior English major.

4 thoughts on “Re-thing”

  1. this was a really interesting choice of remediation. I remember reading your post after listening to this conversation- and after a little bit I forgot I was listening to a scripted piece for an assignment because it felt like I was listening to a real convo! good job


  2. I liked this video, mostly because the conversation is realistic. Did you remember most of the things you and your brother said and make a script about it or did you both just ad-lib it? Either way, I think this went really well with your original post.


  3. Devon-I liked your original post-but this was a cool spin on it. I think being able to hear the conversation made the tone come across differently to me than when I read it the first time. Was it b/c you used your brother originally and then a voice actor for the video? The dialogue was flowy-it didn’t sound scripted.


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