Medusa: An Essay Made Video


For my Art History Class (Art History, Myth, and Religion) there was an assignment to write an essay comparing two pieces of artwork focused on one subject. I chose Medusa, mostly because I had about two minutes with a list of choices and her name was recognizable. Throughout the assignment I learned about the myths associated with Medusa and how it has changed throughout history, often impacted by the shifts in power and thought in the encompassing society. The changes in her myth impact how she was presented in artwork.

When doing research for the essay I found a lot of artwork dedicated to Medusa, some very old, some very modern. The thing was, there were a lot of pieces that I wanted to use. So this was sort of my way of satisfying that. I was able to use more artwork and visually draw emphasis to certain aspects of each piece. For the video I took some parts out of the essay (not my favorite parts, just the parts that were the best a summarizing the whole). I think I like it as a companion to the essay, not as much as a stand alone, mostly because I felt like I had to leave a lot out.



Author: meligibs

I am an English Major because I enjoy reading and writing. I am considering a Minor in Museums Studies or in History because I like art, both looking at it and trying to make it, and learning about the past. Hope to use the skills I acquire here to become a published professional writer, like a novelist or to publicize exhibits

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