Concept of Getting Dressed through a different lense

For my concept in 60 video, I chose to illustrate the idea of getting ready through video. This is a concept that is perceived differently in the minds of people so for this remediation assignment I decided to illustrate this concept through an interview. I interviewed my friend Marissa Sabitsky, a junior who is a nursing major here at UD. Getting dressed is something that is part of everyone’s day so I decided to depict this concept through a Q+A with a friend.

I started by asking Marissa how she feels about getting dressed…

 Marissa: I would definitely say I view it as a necessity. I don’t think I have any feelings toward it, it’s just something you have to do everyday. I guess I enjoy it a lot more if I am getting dressed to go somewhere I want to go to like a nice restaurant instead of McDowell at 9am.

How would you describe your getting ready routine on a typical school day morning?

Marissa: I don’t really put a lot of effort into getting ready for class but I put a lot more effort into what I look like when it comes to going out to dinner or going out with friends.

Can you explain what you do when you’re getting dressed?

Marissa: First, I pick my pants – typically I wear leggings because I like to be comfortable. Then I check the weather to what temperature I’m working with. I could wear a short sleeved top with flip flops or sneakers and a sweatshirt. I always put on body spray and I’ll do something with my hair but I never really wear make up during the weekdays. When I go out on the weekends, I put make up on and I’ll straighten my hair. First, I’ll pick a top then I’ll pick jeans. I always make sure to put perfume on, not body spray – there’s a difference. Oh and I always put jewelry on, I feel like it makes me look more put together.

What are you trying to communicate with how you look after you’re done getting dressed?

 Marissa: Typically, I don’t think about what I am trying to communicate because for class you can usually catch me in nursing scrubs which would just communicate that I am a nursing major. Wearing those scrubs communicates more than just my major but who I aspire to be. Although, when I am trying and thinking about what to wear for different occasions, I want to look good so I feel good which will communicate that I am happy to be wherever I am.


Author: Isabella D

I am a senior at the University of Delaware, studying English, Advertising and French.

2 thoughts on “Concept of Getting Dressed through a different lense”

  1. I like that you interviewed a student to get her take on getting dressed in the morning so it built off of your video. I really enjoyed your video to begin with since it was clearly a relatable topic, but we now get to hear some real thoughts from people about the topic.


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