Teach Me to Be You: Part Two

I have always admired my friend Lucy and the skillful way she constantly receives multiple likes and retweets. During my interview with her last week, she gave me some advice when creating a tweet of my own. I decided to go through some of her tweets and analyze them based on the advice she gave me.

  1. Make sure it’s your authentic voice. That can be hard to find on social media because sometimes we just post what we think people will want to hear.
  2. Don’t tweet every thought that pops into your head. Use your filter.
  3. Be conscious of how you use capitalization, abbreviation, and word choice.
  4. Choose which audience you are trying to speak to: immediate audience (friends) or random people who might come across your tweet




Author: Amanda DeFilippis

I am a Sophomore currently studying Communications at the University of Delaware.

7 thoughts on “Teach Me to Be You: Part Two”

  1. I really like how you decided to make an analytic video for your remediation piece. This really shows how you thought about your friend’s tweets and how she uses them to effectively communicate. I also like how you provide the examples of the tweets because this allows me as the viewer to read them and think about them as well. I thought your video was very informative and well done.


  2. I think Lucy gives some great advice that anyone who uses social media should listen to. The advice helps ensure that the message of the tweet, or post, comes across how the writer intends it to. Also, this is a really creative way to remediate your original piece!


  3. First, Lucy is really funny. Second, i think that your explanations of her tweets said a lot about her and her style and how she made her online presence for people she knew and maybe didn’t know


  4. As someone who doesn’t use twitter that often, this is extremely helpful! And creative! Thanks for this. One day I’ll use this advice and run with it.


  5. This is such a different way to remediate your interview and I really enjoyed it. You took the advice from the person you interviewed and developed it into this piece that I think anyone can benefit from. I like how you wrote down her advice and then included the video where you analyzed every single component of her tweets. Coming from someone who takes a social media management class I can say this is something we do in class and its important for everyone to realize that sometimes everything is strategic! Great job!


  6. First, this is helpful advice about tweeting! My thanks go to both of you. Second, you have an unusual talent, Amanda, for making an analytic use of video. Kind of an undergrad John Oliver! ~Joe


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