Remediation: Bullying vs. Shaming

For my remediation piece, I wanted to take a visual approach to a piece of writing. I read through my piece comparing Ronson and boyd many times and realized that the message could be displayed on a poster in dorms around campus. I also referenced another speaker, Brene Brown, who reseraches and has TED talks about vulnerability and shame. I found that her definition was similar to the ideas the Ronson was trying to get across through his interviews. The point of the posted is to remind students that bullying isn’t”t entertaining and even if you think its just drama, it can lead to feelings of shame.


Author: Mackenzie

With a mix of knowledge, I strive to compile English, psychology and advertising to enhance the digital world.

4 thoughts on “Remediation: Bullying vs. Shaming”

  1. This is a really powerful poster and I like how you provide a visual aspect for what we had discussed with Ronson and boyd. I also like that the poster is essentially saying to both Ronson and boyd that it doesn’t matter whether bullying and shaming are the same thing or not; what matters is the fact that it really hurts people. As someone who tends to learn better visually, I like how you decided to provide this visual. Nice job!

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  2. This is a great remedial piece. The poster is very easy to read and looks really nice. It also nicely shows the differences and similarities between ronson and boyd.


  3. I thought that this was a great remediation because it is something that catches the eye. It also effectively pulls out very important aspects of Boyd and Ronson’s writing.


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