Remediation: Hudson River Blues

For my remediation assignment, I chose to take a poem that I wrote for my Creative Writing class last semester and utilize it in a video. The Poem, which I’ve titled Hudson River Blues, was actually first inspired by a photograph that I took on the Hudson River last summer. The following video is comprised of the photograph, along with an audio track of myself reading the poem.

If you would like to read the poem, here it is: Hudson River Blues. I hope you enjoyed it!


Author: Sam W

I am a Geography major and Writing minor at the University of Delaware. My primary interests are mapping, climatology, environmental and wildlife conservation, writing, reporting, and broadcasting. Using this blog, my goal is to write and publish insightful and thought provoking posts regarding digital rhetoric.

3 thoughts on “Remediation: Hudson River Blues”

  1. Sam, I like the poem, the guitar background, and the way in which you pan up through the image to reach a final “blue”. My only complaint would be that the piece seems to move very quickly—by the time I start to think about the multiple meanings of “blues”, you’re done! ~Joe


  2. This is such a good poem! I loved it. I also think hearing you read it gave me the tone that you intended, and I like how you panned up on the image!


  3. I really enjoyed this piece! I think that the music in the background adds a lot to the tone of the poem. I also think it helps visualize the poem being able to see the photo that the poem is based on. I also think that the way you said the poem was effective in conveying a specific tone.


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