Remediation: Concept in 60

When people ask me what my favorite part of being a UD student is, a few things come to mind. One of those things is UDance. UDance is a year-long effort that culminates in a 12 hour dance marathon. Every year for the past ten years, University of Delaware students have been raising funds and awareness to fight childhood cancer. I have been participating for the past three years on behalf of the UD Equestrian Team. It’s hard to explain just how life-changing of an event UDance is. From raising funds, to meeting my team’s hero, Olivia, to hearing the inspirational stories of children and families affected by childhood cancer, to finally getting to dance in The Bob Carpenter Center, UDance has left its mark on me. Not many people can say that they have the opportunity to join their community to directly save the life of a child through a dance marathon! Being able to participate in an event like that has changed the way I view the world and handle the hardships I go through. Because of all of this, the experiences that come along with UDance are difficult to put into words. That’s why I made this video to show people exactly how important and inspiring UDance is. While I believe these are things you can only truly understand when you participate to the full extent in the event, my hope is that through this video, you will visually see and be able to grasp why I am so passionate about UDance, and maybe be inspired to participate yourself! #ForTheKids 


Author: Molly O'Neill

I am an Organizational and Community Leadership major and a Writing minor at the University of Delaware. I am also a dedicated member of the DE Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi and the UD Equestrian Team.

4 thoughts on “Remediation: Concept in 60”

  1. Molly, A good effort—but I have to say that I feel that this turns out to be an example of how video can be a more powerful medium than writing. Unless, of course, you use your writing as an intro to a posting on a UDance site or page, in which case you’ve done a very nice job indeed! ~Joe


  2. Although you chose to utilize text exclusively, I think you did a nice job setting up your video with your description of UDance and why it means so much to you. As a reader and then as a viewer, it definitely provides me with a more wholesome experience. I think the video was powerful and effective on its own, but a little description along with it never hurts.


  3. Molly-I don’t know a lot about UDance so I like this a lot. I’ve always wanted to get involved, but it seems like this big confusing monster of activity..i wouldn’t know where to start! It was nice to have this explanation, this is a perfect caption for your video.


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