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I interviewed Kristin Saksa for this assignment. She used to work with me at Cafe Napoli, so I got to know her pretty well. She was always trying to make people laugh while working, so I knew she was a funny person. One day when she requested to follow me on Twitter, I saw her personality shine through her tweets. While waitressing together she would tell me funny or odd things that happened during work or at her tables and we would laugh. Once that I saw that she tweeted about these experiences- I was intrigued. I had to find out more. So here it is…

1. Is twitter your number one choice of a social media platform? Why or why not

I would say yes, purely because its super entertaining to me. My sense of humor makes me think that even the dumbest tweets are hilarious. It’s also the platform I am most active on; I don’t post on instagram super often and Facebook has gone completely downhill (since it was poppin back in 8th grade).

2. When you tweet, do you hope for a response?

Not all the time. If I think of a tweet that I think is super good or extremely funny, then yeah I want people to like it or retweet it or respond to it in some way, but I don’t send out every single tweet hoping that it gets a ton of likes and interactions.

3. I notice that you tweet a lot about your interactions at work. Why do you choose to tweet these experiences?

Work takes up a huge percentage of my time, and a fair portion of my interactions with the general public take place at work. A lot of the interactions or conversations that I have while I’m there just seem so bizarre to me – like the things some people say and do just blow my mind; you’re in public what are you doing, can you actually hear what you’re saying? And I don’t want to be the only one who knows about these comments or situations, I want to let people know about the sorts of things that I come across from day to day.

4. Most of your tweets are meant to be funny, do you intend to make people laugh?

I like making people laugh, it makes me feel good, like I am a part of something bigger. Plus the way I word certain things is more often than not meant to make it funnier. My twitter helped me get funniest employee 2 years in a row, so that counts for something right?

5. Why do you tweet? Do you want people to notice you on social media or do you tweet just to tweet?

I don’t think I tweet just to tweet. I’m not a big fan of super emotional tweeting, like when people just go on and on about pointless things like “I’m so upset someone text me” or “omg I’m so annoyed.” Cool? Who cares? As I said before, I see twitter as entertainment, so I’m on it to laugh and to try and make others laugh. If people notice me because of it, then thats cool, but if not I’ll still continue to tweet regardless.

6. When you experience something at work, do you think “I’m gonna tweet that tonight,” or do you just think of your tweets at the end of the night or whenever you decide to go on twitter? 

Sometimes, depending on the situation, I do think “this is gonna make a great tweet.” I’ve actually had moments where I tell other people about something that just happened to me at work and they ask if I’m going to tweet about it, or if its worth a tweet, cause they get it. Sometimes I completely forget until I get home, or even days later. I do take time to think over my wording though – sometimes its hard to summarize a situation and make it funny while staying within twitter’s annoying character limit.


I was very pleased with Kristin’s responses. I think she has a good attitude towards using social media and that it makes her happy, which is a good way to use it.


Author: Brittany Walls

I am currently a student at the University of Delaware studying English, but eventually want to be a nurse.

One thought on “Profile Piece”

  1. Brittany, You showcase Kristin’s poppin’ sense of humor nicely in this piece. What that makes me even more interested in learning is how the sense of humor comes through in her tweets. Are there any that she and you would be willing to share? ~Joe


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