A Man of Many Words

The person I decided to interview is one of my really good friends I met here at school. His name is Michael “Muki” McLaughlin and he writes for a website that him and a few of his friends created called highlycontroversialsports.com, a website that gives constant sports updates and has opinion based articles as well. With the website, he uses Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as other ways of spreading and growing the brand name, which I think is pretty cool because those resources bring you directly back to the source. I decided to interview Michael because he is my good friend and also because he likes to offer his opinion a lot on basically any subject or topic that comes up. I also wanted to see if writing is something he plans to have a future in because he as of write now, he does it all for free and his college major does not match the criteria of a writer When interviewing him, I started with some basic questions and then got to know more about what motivates him to write, so here is my interview:

  1. When did you start to write for highlycontroversialsports.com?

“I began writing for HighlyControversialsports.com last summer. We began the site in June, and officially launched in July after a month of “practice” blogs until we felt comfortable with our writing and topics.”

2. What is your favorite topic to write about?

“My favorite topic to write about would have to be MMA or the UFC more specifically. I am definitely an MMA junkie so being able to actually write about the stuff the stuff I follow along with all day long is awesome for me. It’s also a topic a lot of my friends and followers are not as knowledgeable about, so they rely on what I have to say  to stay up to date.”

3. I noticed some posts on your website are factual and some are very opinion based. Do you personally prefer giving straight updates or do you like writing opinion based articles instead and why?

“Our site is definitely considered more of a sports “blog”rather than an “ESPN” or “Bleacher Report” where they report on straight facts. We like to have the option of going going facts to opinion all in one post, and that is definitely my favorite way to do it. I like being able to lay out some concrete knowledge, and then give my opinion on those facts.”

4. What prompted you to start writing in general?

“I have always enjoyed writing, and after I took my college writing course senior year of high school, I felt that it was something that I was good at. So after about writing for 2 years of free writing at college, I was thrilled to actually be able to write for something “real” and produce content that people could follow along with when my friend approached me about starting Highly Controversial.”

5.  Would you like to try to grow your writing in the future or are you satisfied with what your are doing now?

“I absolutely would like to grow my writing in the future, and have aspirations to continue either sports writing on the side if it’s something I can’t fit into my career, or pursuing it down the line full-time. My biggest goal would be able to write a book or something of that nature, but that is something that is a few years in the future.”


Author: Jay B

I'm a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in english and playing on the club lacrosse team

One thought on “A Man of Many Words”

  1. Jay, An example of someone for whom writing is an avocation. I liked reading your conversation, but I had trouble finding actual examples of Muk’s writing. Most of the pieces you linked to seemed to be about sports gambling. ~Joe


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