Writer Profile: Canela

Well, first things first: Check to make sure an app that you downloaded to record an interview works. While the first few minutes of dialogue came through, the recording ended sometime into the first question. Luckily, I took notes of things that Canela, online photographer, said during our talk.

Canela began putting photographs online when she was in high school. It was originally a school project. Students were given the assignment to create a website. Though putting them up online was an assignment, the act of photography was a personal act for Canela. She said that she took pictures in high school to “be cool,” but it was also important to her to remember things, especially the things that made her happy. Though it began as a class assignment, Canela spoke as if she did enjoy the experience. She spoke of the pride she felt, looking at the pictures that she had taken and the website she created.

She took a lot of pictures. To be put on her website, they had to be her favorites. There are two portfolios on the website, she points out that her favorites are in the first portfolio. These are of her sister Elena, her trip to Aruba, and a visit to a tattoo parlor, where she documents another girl getting a tattoo. The second portfolio has pictures of butterflies and flowers and of a biking marathon. She admits that a lot of the photos in the second portfolio were not as personal as those in the first, being more for completing the school assignment than anything else. There were a few questions about her particularly photographic style. For example, it was noticed that few of her photos are centered, many are off balance. Canela states that this was partially unintentional. Her sight proved to be a bit of an issue, it is possible that she had trouble focusing the camera (She says that she was “Blind” and didn’t have glasses). It was also something that she learned in photography class, don’t take a picture of something face on. Off balance creates this idea of things in motion.

On her website there was also the addition of music in the background. When asked why she made these selections, Canela comments that they were songs that she liked. Some of the photos she thought were a little dark and she wanted some happier songs to provide balance. There was also an About page, where she wrote a little about herself, her emotions and why she turned to photography. She also invites other people to give her feedback and share some aspects of themselves. When asked what sort of response she got, Canela comments that the only people to comment were those in her class.

It was noticed that Canela had not updated the site in some time. She claims that she still enjoys taking pictures and that she may one day consider making a new website.

Author: meligibs

I am an English Major because I enjoy reading and writing. I am considering a Minor in Museums Studies or in History because I like art, both looking at it and trying to make it, and learning about the past. Hope to use the skills I acquire here to become a published professional writer, like a novelist or to publicize exhibits

One thought on “Writer Profile: Canela”

  1. Melinda, First, check, make sure the recording equipment is working. Second, Canela sounds like an intriguing person—I’d love to see some of her actual work! ~Joe


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