The Most Interesting Thing You’ll Read All Evening

I had to make a lot of promises in order to get the interview with the person I wanted. He made me promise to title this what I titled it, he made me promise to keep in all of his answers, and he asked me to keep him anonymous and refer to him as Володимир. The following is my interview with him:


When you’re posting online do you ever think about how it’s permanent, compared to something you say outloud?

A: I think about how what I’m making online is immortal. It’s good that way, so things can stick around.


Do you ever consider that people outside your intended audience will read it?

A: Yes. I consider it, but I hope people I don’t like won’t read it.


How long do you typically think about something like a tweet before sending it out?

A: You can’t rush perfection. Sometimes, 5 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds. (Laughs) It’s usually in that range.


Does it take more time to make content on a subject you’re disinterested in than one you want to make?

A: It takes me around the same amount of time regardless of interest because im methodical.


Is there anything you would write online, but not say in person, and vice versa?

A: No, but I’ll think about what room I’m in when I say things. I’m more careful with what I say out loud. I’ll consider the room I’m in and how well I know the people. But yeah, I guess when I’m online I will just say what I’m thinking.


Why? Anonymity?

A: No, more the immediate reaction to it.


What do you mean?

A: Like, they may have guns. You try to avoid offending people online and in person, but if you do it in person then they could respond violently. Online you’re safe.


So you hide behind a screen?

A: The phrase ‘hide behind a screen’ is used negatively. It implies that you fire bullets, then hide from return fire behind your screen. Like you can dish it but you can’t take it. I just duck and cover behind it incase someone gets mad at my shirt or the stupid look on my face. I’m not instigating anything, it just comes at me.


Have you ever received any backlash online?

A: There was one time where people tried to interrupt a live segment I was doing where I was making art by attacking the server. That’s about it.


What would you say to young writers, people just getting into it?

A: Stay out of my territory.


What do you see the future of online writing to be?

A: Online communication is getting diluted a lot. Words are being replaced with emojis, and pictures. Specifically the “fire” and “100” emoji being used. Eventually, online articles will just be the poop emoji and an edit of Pepe the frog to indicate what its talking about.


Overall do you think the internet is good or bad for humanity?

A: Oh it’s pretty good man. To say it’s strictly bad, or has more bad things than good, is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Only bad thing that I can think of is this one time when I was contacted by a Nigerian prince, and it seemed like he was in trouble. But he never got back to me, I think his internet went down.

Author: Devon I

UD student, Junior English major.

2 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Thing You’ll Read All Evening”

  1. Devon, This person with the unpronounceable pseudonym comes across as funny, and also as a bit more anarchic, deliberately provocative, in his approach to writing on line than most of the other writers who’ve been profiled. Which makes me all the more curious to see some examples of his actual writing; I’m still not exactly sure what he says and does, and what draws you to it. But your interview makes me want to find out! ~Joe


  2. I liked his author’s re wording of ‘hiding behind a screen’. I agree with his new definition that it is more of a ‘duck and cover’ because you can hide but your aren’t completely anonymous.


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