Nicole Lemon: A Profile

Nicole Lemon is a biology-chemistry double major studying at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s currently wrapping up her junior year and preparing for a research based internship this summer where she will be working closely with an associate professor of the biomedical department. She plans to go go to medical school post graduation to pursue ambitions to become a neurologist. She would consider herself liberal, and throughout the past few years I’ve watched her grow as an advocate for social justice issues on Facebook and Twitter. I believe the passion and strength of her beliefs causes her to be unable to remain silence on public social platforms.

What influences you to tweet something, or make a Facebook post?

My biggest influence as to why I post on Twitter and Facebook is transparency. This may seem backwards. In using social media you are hiding behind a computer. It isn’t real, some things aren’t clear. But I tweet and post a lot so that I am transparent- so that everyone KNOWS what I am thinking, and everyone knows what i am going through…not necessarily because i need everyone to know but because I am proud of who I am. I like to stand up for what I believe in and I like to be heard. The best way to get the attention of a vast majority these days is through posting on Facebook and tweeting.

What influences you to intervene in an already existing Facebook discussion or Twitter war?

I am influenced to intervene when I agree or disagree strongly. Politics have got me going recently. I also like to comment on things I really like and agree with and stick up for people whom are getting disagreed with. Again, I intervene when I feel like my opinion can contribute and because everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

Do you believe people are careless with their words online?

I think that when people post dumb things, and don’t expect to be challenged- they deserve to be challenged.

Do you think you are a more established source of knowledge on certain topics via web because of your scientific and well informed background?

Am I a more established source of knowledge? Depends on the topic. I love learning from others just as much as posting on social media. I believe my opinions are important, as everyone’s are,but not always “the right” answer. Sometimes there is no right answer.
On certain topics, such as science topics I do consider myself a more established source at this point in my biochemistry career.

Do you think Facebook is an appropriate forum for people to discuss their beliefs?

I think that Facebook is an appropriate place for beliefs. If you post a belief on Facebook though you should expect to have people disagree with you- its up to the individual if they want to argue or if they simply want to ignore the person who disagrees. Social media is becoming a apart of society, it’s the way society interacts- freedom of religion, for example, should include all public places, including Facebook.

Do you believe Facebook supplies peoples’ ignorance?

Social media has become so huge I think sometimes it hurts us. Relationship problems, job problems, cyber bullying, a lot of things arise from social media. I’m not sure if it’s ignorance.

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I'm an aspiring novelist just trying to write.

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