A Profile on a Quieter Voice

The person that I chose to interview is my friend Jordan Johnson (he asked for further info not to be given out). He does not write professionally, but frequently and on platforms that have been growing increasingly the last few years: social media. When this assignment was introduced to us, it was his posts that came to mind. He has an account on most forms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat… and I’m sure the list goes on. Jordan and I have been friends since we were little and I know he enjoys social media as a way of connecting with others, both people he knows and does not know. I have always been struck by his outgoing character that isn’t afraid to say what he wants regardless of the topic. He talks about things that range from comical videos or tweets to serious issues such as race and violence. My goal for the interview was to see if he had any intentions when he posted, and even if he didn’t, to see his process before posting on social media.

Which social media platform do you receive the most attention, and why do you think that is?

Jordan: Probably my twitter account. I’ve had the same one since I started in middle school and it’s where I have the most followers. I also do a lot of promotions for EDM shows which has gotten me a lot of followers. That’s not what all my tweets are about though.

What makes you post what you post? Is it just what comes to mind or is there deep thought before posting?

Jordan: Sometimes I will just think of something to write because I find it funny or just want to say it out loud for some reason. Other times there will be an issue going on and I hear a lot of people talking about it. For the most part I try to avoid posting about my opinions at least on Facebook where I have a lot of family members and older followers that might disagree. I do post my opinion about issues more on Twitter and Instagram than I do anywhere else because my followers are more accepting and less judgmental on those sites; I don’t know if it’s because they’re younger or if there is just a lot of people I don’t actually know that happen to like the things I write.

Do you think you have an impact and/or could have a larger impact somehow? If so, how would you go about this?

Jordan: When I post about things I don’t really post to make a big reaction. I post things that I want to talk about or that pop into my head. I haven’t really thought about whether or not I could make an impact on people’s lives. I’m not sure I would want that weight on my shoulders. I don’t know, I just like having the freedom to post whatever I want and if people agree then cool but if not then they don’t have to read what I write. I guess if I tried to make a bigger impact I would talk to some of my connections and see what they could do. I’m friends with a handful of people that are famous on social media that could help get my word out about something it’s just never been something I thought a lot about.

Jordan’s answers remind me a lot of what I feel like mine would be if I was in a similar situation. I wanted to see what it would be like to get in the mind of someone who doesn’t write professionally or with any intentions of writing professionally and I definitely think his responses show the freedom that social media allows us to have. He brings up the fact that not everyone posts just to try and get feedback. I am however interested to see that if  by bringing up these questions,he will change the way in which/what Jordan posts in the future and maybe he will consider what he can do with his words.


Author: Sara Reuschling

I am an English major with a minor in Sociology at the University of Delaware. The aim of this account is to learn as much as possible about the ever-growing changes in the world with an open mind and connect the information to my life experiences, especially regarding technology and digital rhetoric.

One thought on “A Profile on a Quieter Voice”

  1. Sara, I like this piece. You frame it as being about a “quieter voice”, but I’m struck by how Jordan’s goal seems less persuasive than expressive. He seems, that is, to write mostly for himself. So the question I’d want to ask him is: How is writing for yourself on Twitter different than writing in a personal journal? Why express yourself in a (potentially) public forum? (I’m not arguing; I’m intrigued.) ~Joe


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