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Being a young woman, who of course wants to purse a career in the future, I worry about the gender wage gap. The wage gap is the average difference of pay between a man and a woman. Basically, when women get paid less than men although they are equal in quality. Since I have been in college, this is something that has been brought up many times in classes and by students. Also, I enjoy writing reported papers on issues like this, including maternity leave.
These are the reasons I decided to post about this, and to post it on Facebook.

I see Facebook as a platform for discussion. I can write as much as I want and people can reply without worrying about a certain amount of characters. This topic of discussion deserves to be talked about, at any length. I also know that I have a good amount of “friends” on Facebook that, I think, would be interested in seeing this topic brought to light.


Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.56.01 AM.png

Although I posted this pretty late, I got 2 likes and 1 share. I expected to receive more feedback on this, but I think I may once more time passes.  I think this is something people should talk about because it is such a huge issue today. This is talked about all over the country, but shouldn’t we do something small, like help our state, so that we can get the ball rolling? and maybe, eventually, the country will end the gender wage gap.


Author: Brittany Walls

I am currently a student at the University of Delaware studying English, but eventually want to be a nurse.

6 thoughts on “Social Action”

  1. This is a great post, Brittany. I wonder if others in the class might have some ideas about where you might share it so that it’s getting more response than it’s now getting on Facebook? ~Joe


  2. Brittany, thanks for sharing this. I was not aware of all of those facts that you brought up, and I’m sure a lot of others on Facebook that also don’t live in Delaware will consider this new information as well. In response to the question on the previous comment, I think that Facebook was a good platform to post this on, and over time it will gain more reactions. Sometimes I don’t see things people posted on Facebook until about two days later.


  3. Brittany, this is such an important issue today. Although men and women are politically equal, wage disparities still plague many workplaces across the country. It’s unfortunate that many people in our country are either content with the wage gap, unaware of the wage gap, or don’t believe that the wage gap exists. I think the numbers speak for themselves: men and women are not making the same amount for the same work and it is not representative of what our country stands for. Additionally, the gap is even wider when we break down income by race and ethnicity. I think that the fact that you posted this is great because it might help educate people on such a crucial issue. I’m sorry your post didn’t generate the discussion that you hoped it would, but I hope you can continue to garner more shares and comments.


  4. YES! This issue is so important. I know you posted it pretty late, so I think that is why there was a lack of response from users. The way you formatted the post also seemed a little too formal, which may have turned people away from it. But by writing “please like, comment, and share”, I think that is an excellent way to invite people to join the conversation. Sometimes people will post their opinion on something and people will not respond to it thinking that the blogger may not want opposing positions to argue against them. By inviting difference, a larger conversation can be started and there will be an increase in the awareness of the issue.


  5. I think it’s really cool and admirable that you were able to post this on Facebook for so many people to see. This is such an important issue and unfortunately not enough people are aware of it. Unless more people become aware through posts like yours, they may not take action in hopes of making a change.


  6. Brittany-
    I love that someone covered this issue! It’s so important, not just for the glass ceiling girls, but the concrete ceiling girls too. I like how you structured it as like a “hey you” “extra extra” kind of thing. I think the way you worded it challenges people to comment, which is why I’m surprised at your underwhelming response. I thought for sure you would at least get some meninist crazies…I like how you didn’t just present the issue, you encouraged people to interact with your post in whatever way they wanted (not just like, comment, share-but “tell me what you think”)


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