No Response to Outside Issues

As a person who rarely posts on social media, especially about anything topics intensely debated, I was not sure I was well prepared for this kind of assignment. To scroll through the issues of today plastered all over social media feeds and read the comments of passionate people is entirely different from being the one to make those posts. The issue I decided to post about for my social action assignment is considerably tamer than most posts I come across, but it is something important to myself that I decided I would attempt to inform others about. I chose to write about the abandonment of rabbits around the Easter holiday and how this degree of animal cruelty is incredibly overlooked against the stream of political debates, global worries and even issues of animal cruelty surrounding more popular species. It seemed a trivial topic, but something I wanted to attempt to bring to light and hoped would spark some kind of debate. The internet is a place for all sorts of discussions to happen despite whether they have a heavy relevance to the times and I considered this post as a kind of test to see if anyone would react. I received no likes or shares on my post and only a single comment from a family member. The video I used in my post was from a very renowned magazine, the National Geographic, which I had hoped would inspire more conversation. Knowing the Easter holiday has since passed, I still hoped to grab the attention of those who might understand that the issue of rabbit abandonment is still high at this time. Perhaps with more time might come more interaction with my post from the public.

Here is a link to the Facebook post I made.


Author: elyssa i

I'm excited to use social media for a course!

6 thoughts on “No Response to Outside Issues”

  1. Elyssa, it’s upsetting that this is a topic a lot of people ignore. It’s important that we discuss animal cruelty, especially around holidays, because many people buy animals as gifts to celebrate holidays. Around Easter, many rabbits and chicks are bought and sold then abandoned, not taken care of, or brought back to animal shelters. It’s sad to see, but that is why spreading the word about it is important. Even if people didn’t comment on your post, hopefully they at least watched the video you shared and are now more informed on the subject.


  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from, Elyssa; the sheer amount of important issues pervading social media today is overwhelming. I don’t really want to get involved most of the time either. However, although the topic that you chose to focus on is not what many people think about when they think of social issues, this particular issue is important to you and that is what matters. I also think it’s heartless to simply abandon a pet if you cannot take care of it, so I agree with you entirely that this is important. I’m sorry you didn’t get the discussion you had hoped for. But hopefully more people saw this post and gave it some thought.


  3. Being an animal lover and also a rabbit owner, I definitely think this is an important issue. However, even if someone doesn’t think this issue is important that is the whole point of social media. I think you made a really good point in that social media is all about addressing and discussing a whole array of topics no matter how small. I think it’s terrible that rabbits are being abandoned and definitely think more people should have knowledge of this issue!


  4. My mother owned rabbits when she was young and she told me and my brothers when we were young how many people don’t know how to raise them. Buying bunnies at Easter is an unfortunate trend because a lot of people don’t know what to do with them. Many end up “letting them go” into the wild, but domesticated rabbits can’t usually survive on their own. As an animal lover with with lots of pets, this is something I try to spread around as much as I can to get the word out to people.


  5. Elyssa, I don’t think that cruelty to animals is trivial in any way. Perhaps you can get some ideas in class about how to spread this news more widely. ~Joe


  6. I’m surprised you did not get more feedback on your post sachet is such a relevant topic especially during the time of Easter. There has to be a way to inform more people of this issue with animal cruelty since social media may not always be the best solution. I would be curious to see if you posted another Facebook status about it in the future, the kind of responses you would get the second time.


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