No Online Presence


On my twitter account I posted a response to a Tweet by the National Crime Agency. The post consisted of an image, depicting children as 25% of the victims of human trafficking. In text there was an explanation of the image and a hotline to call to report suspicious activity. I tweeted about a web page that I found, released by the US Department of State, which provided 15 ways to help stop human trafficking.

There has been no response. No likes, no retweets.

I picked a topic that I care about. The problem is, I am not well informed. Recently here on the UD campus students were on the green, asking for people to sign their petition to stop human trafficking. There was a jar for collecting donations, but it was sort of pushed to the side and none of the participants mentioned it. The issue I had, walking away, was that I did not know what the petition was doing. I knew that it was against human trafficking, but what else? Was it in support to a bill? So, inspired by the class assignment, I decided to see what twitter had to offer.

There were some things I thought I did well, to get a response. I picked something that I was certain people cared about. I joined an already existing, and recent, conversation. However, looking back on it as I type, I can see some obvious problems. First, my tweet feels kind of rushed. While it’s obviously about human trafficking, it’s not well written or put together. It feels like I’m trying to cram a large topic in under 140 characters. Second, I didn’t use hashtags to show my connection to the conversation. I also did not provide a link to the US Department of State page. I don’t have a connection to the other people who retweeted or commented on the National Crime Agency’s tweet.

What I learned from this experience: not every tweet gets attention. Some things are overlooked, and probably should be. Some things instigate and demand a response, but for the most part it’s just people putting their thoughts out there. I’ve also realized that I’m not a very good digital writer. One of the main reasons for this is that I’m not very concise. I think that Facebook would have been a better platform for this assignment, because it would have given me less of a limit on words. Another thing that I learned is that social media platforms are places to find information on topics and how other people feel about them. Twitter is a good source for quick information, with the option to explore further through the use of links.



Author: meligibs

I am an English Major because I enjoy reading and writing. I am considering a Minor in Museums Studies or in History because I like art, both looking at it and trying to make it, and learning about the past. Hope to use the skills I acquire here to become a published professional writer, like a novelist or to publicize exhibits

4 thoughts on “No Online Presence”

  1. Melinda, You have some great ideas here about how you might redo this tweet—either on Twitter or Facebook. Why not give it a shot and see what happens? (Also I wonder if reaching out to the people you saw on The Green might help you circulate this?) Good luck! ~Joe


  2. When I first started reading this I immediately connected it to the people on the Green from last week and I completely agree with your statements that they could have been more in depth about what they are doing. Also I cannot agree more about Facebook being the better personal choice for this because I also have a small problem with being concise- even non informative tweets to the #e397dr hashtag go over the limit most of the time.


  3. As soon as I saw this was about trafficking, I thought of the group on The Green too! They were out there basically the whole day, there dedication was crazy. I think maybe your underwhelming response might have been because of the picture you added. As a nation, we (adults) get VERY touchy about issues that effect children. (for example: Polio epidemic) I think maybe people saw this and the statistic bummed them out. No one wants to think about kids getting caught up in something as horrific as this.


  4. I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. This kind of topic is pretty widely circulated and the internet is mysterious in how it chooses which posts go viral. I found your topic interesting in that I myself experienced those petitioners when they were around and I signed the petition without considering what it was for as you mention here. I do think Facebook probably would have been a better medium, but I find that even those posts out there that aren’t concise can get a lot of attention and your post seemed straightforward and grabbing to me.


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