Breaking News: Nothing!

For my Social Action assignment, I made it my objective to try and generate buzz for an upcoming event on campus. I am a part of the RSO V-Day which is dedicated to preventing sexual violence. We talk about life on campus, our reactions to news stories, how women and minorities or portrayed in the media, and a lot more. Plus we host The Vagina Monologues, which I didn’t get to experience until I was in college.

The event is hosted by V-Day and S.A.G.E. and it’s called “What’s Your Monologue?” I was interested in promoting this because I think it can be beneficial to share your perspective and “purge yourself” in a way when you’re feeling discomfort about a certain element of your life. There is a kind of catharsis that comes from getting out all that bad stuff. Maybe because of this event people will feel more supported in the community, get some words of encouragement, or just get something off their chest. Humans all want to be heard and felt like they are listened to, this is an event that supports that desire. I think people might be nervous to potentially share private things to an audience, but I think those who do will feel better as a result.WYM 2017 2

For the assignment I posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I included the picture of the event flyer. For Twitter and Instagram I used more hashtags to accompany the post because that is the norm on those platforms. With each post, I included encouragement to click the picture and read it, which might have deterred some people. I ended up getting an underwhelming response, very few people engaged with my post at all and even less shared or commented. I think it might have been because I used the Twitter and Instagram accounts I made for class. I would have been able to reach a lot more people if I had used my regular accounts, but only a fraction of those people I would reach are in the area. Overall the response was underwhelming; hopefully people saw it and were interested but just didn’t interact with the post.




Author: Alexandra

I am a junior Psychology major with a Writing minor at University of Delaware.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Nothing!”

  1. I think what your doing is really important as I am also very invested in preventing sexual violence. I think you made a good use of social media as part of its main purpose is to spread awareness and inform the public. I also think it’s important that when someone is really passionate about something they don’t just post once and leave it alone. I know when I was doing UDance and trying to raise money, I posted a lot on Facebook and sent out a lot of emails. I like how you posted on all different types of social media to get your message to the largest amount of people possible.


  2. I applaud you for the cause and event you are promoting which sounds very interesting and enjoyable! I agree with you completely when you say that there is a kind of catharsis that comes from getting out all the bad stuff. People deal with things differently and it is beautiful that this event supports simply dealing with anything. It was smart for you to post on all different social media outlets and I would not be discouraged by your lack of engagement. Typically when I see something like poster around campus or online I just make a mental note of it. A question and/or suggestion that I have would be if there is a Facebook event page for this campus event? If there is you can invite everyone in the class and everyone you know on campus. If there isn’t this would be a great way to create more buzz because Facebook users love being part of Facebook events even if they haven’t committed to attending beforehand they still receive notifications and are able to see if any of their own friends are going which may incline them to go even more!


  3. Alex, I’d love to see you have more success with this. There’s still some time to get the word out. Isabella’s idea about the Facebook page seems good. Maybe some other people in the class will have some ideas? ~Joe


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