A Poll in Attempt to Raise Awareness

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I tweeted this after a lot of thinking about issues in the world today and how they can be relevant to college students. A public and relevant issue to the entire world is saving our environment and our earth especially because this week is Earth Week and Earth day is nearing on Saturday, April 22nd.  Global issues like this make me think of how a smaller scale of people, specifically our UD campus, feels and can contribute to this greater cause. I think it is important to raise awareness on college campuses because our generation is often too caught up on what is going on in the world of Facebook, twitter or Instagram to the point where it is easy to overlook bigger issues that don’t seem relevant. I contributed to the earth week hashtag while directing a poll to my fellow students. My efforts were to raise awareness about Earth week and earth day. I also included an article about how college students can save the environment to show students that even they can make small contributions to a larger cause. My tweet was a call to action about earth week and my one question poll composed of asking UD students how they feel about earth week and saving the environment overall. With this tweet and attached poll, I was trying to get students to take a step back and realize that all they need to do is make a small effort. I was also curious to see who would be honest and say they did not know or did not even care about the cause.


Out of my 10 votes, 70% of students stated that they wanted to contribute, 20% reported that they did not care and 10% did not even know it was earth week and/or how to contribute. I wish I could have gotten more votes but I was pleased to see that 7 out of my 10 votes wanted to contribute to the cause. The anonymity of the poll allowed students to be honest and admit that they either did not know or did not care. I wish this article would have reached more UD students and I would have liked them to elaborate on their responses by replying to my tweet. I found that Twitter is platform where people can raise awareness about certain causes via hashtags but hashtags are so commonly used on this medium that they can just fall into the abyss of millions of hashtags used a day. However, I do feel that 10 more students on campus are aware of a cause and how they have the power to help. Perhaps even admitting that they do not care can later cause an epiphany about caring for the environment.



Author: Isabella D

I am a senior at the University of Delaware, studying English, Advertising and French.

4 thoughts on “A Poll in Attempt to Raise Awareness”

  1. Isabella, I like the phrase the abyss of hashtags! If it helps any, I read the article and thought it was actually filled with some useful tips. So maybe you did manage to do a little bit of good in the world! ~Joe


  2. Isabella, thankfully a majority of the students that voted wanted to contribute to the cause. Since there were people who did not want to or that do not know what Earth Day is, it shows how important it is continue spreading the word about it. I think the article you shared on Twitter gives great examples of easy ways to positively impact the planet, so hopefully some of your Twitter followers will at least read the article if they didn’t participate in the vote!


  3. I think this is definitely an important cause and something people should be informed about. I really liked how you used a poll in your post instead of just relying on people to like or comment. Poll are very easy to respond to and receive very honest answers. I also think that highlighting the fact that some people don’t even know what Earth week/day is very important. It is important to find the people who are not educated on the topic, and inform and show them what they can do to help.


  4. Isabella-
    Cool idea to do the poll. I didn’t even think of that! Also thanks for reminding me about Earth Day. I thought it was good how you included a link to that article for the people that were actually interested enough to pursue the topic. I like questions like this because it jars people into voting how they think people will want them to answer, and if they don’t it almost forces them to ask themselves “why not”


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