Writing As A Social Action


I wrote this article last summer after working at a day camp for children. I’ve always been a advocate for women embracing their bodies versus hiding them, and working in a structured organization with children showed me just how much we sexualize young girls’ bodies.

Honestly, I was afraid when I posted this article, because so many anecdotes had to do with my job. My co-workers didn’t love me (or so it felt) and I was fearful of one of them seeing it on Facebook and exploiting me. But the article reached everybody I wanted, and more. This is the excerpt I posted with it:

Words I have been waiting to say for a long time. For any girl who has been told to “cover up”. For any girl who’s violated the dress code. For any girl who wants to believe in the power of your body: Please read.

I couldn’t have garnered a better reaction on this post. Reactions included:

217 social shares and 1,619 views

“Well done”

“This is amazing”

“Amazing *tag*, thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.”

Another beautifully written article by my friend Ellie Delany! Everybody please remember that society and the “social norms” that put us down only change if we do. This article is geared towards women, but no matter what gender you identify with, or don’t identify with, embrace yourself and others for all that you/they are and everything you/they want and hope to be. As members of a society that perpetuates judgement and ridicule over love and acceptance–always remember to do the loving thing!!”

“everyone needs to read this” x 2

“perfect exactly thank you”

What I’ve included in bold was my favorite reaction. This is the reason why I write Odyssey articles, despite some stigma of it being a “listicle/click-bait” platform. I write because I want to start conversation. Receiving positive feedback feels great and is rewarding, but there’s a purpose behind the feedback. I want people to embrace these ideals more, and if everybody’s sharing them, maybe somebody on the opposing side will read and understand my perspective.

I wish this article would have reached more males, and if it did, I wish they would have engaged with it a bit more. It’s important for females to realize the power of our bodies, but I would have appreciated feedback and support or mere opinions from the male population.

Overall, I think I hit my objective of reaching an audience. This is something I’ve always felt passionate about, and it’s important to me. I think there are so many misunderstandings and flawed societal implications we impose on women’s bodies. My article was one way I can combat and try to change these things.


Author: Ellie

I'm an aspiring novelist just trying to write.

One thought on “Writing As A Social Action”

  1. Ellie,

    I really like your Odyssey article. The connection you make between the worries of a 7-year-old girl and your 55-year-old mom is especially telling.

    Yes, it would be good for more men to be involved in such conversations, but maybe sometimes the main job of a writer is to support and affirm? And I understand your worries about click-bait, but maybe this is the right sort of bait?

    Finally, can I persuade you to come up with a title for this piece? Nice work!



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