Video vs. Text

Growing up I always made videos with my friends. I would stay up for hours editing clips and making sure the sound was just right. Then, I would say that I was pretty good at making videos. Now, I’m a little rusty but still remember the main concepts. I still enjoy making videos, although I do not do it very often.

Videos can show so much more to a reader. You can see how a person is acting and hear what they are saying. This can make the reader, or watcher, interpret what is said in the video much differently than if it was just written on text. This can make a huge difference in what you think the meaning is. You can also hear the tone of the text, which is just as important. You can also see how someone is acting. All of these concepts can make a video easier to understand rather than reading written text.

Video can be made in a variety of ways. When watching “How to Properly Watch a Movie at Home,” it is like you are watching a movie. There are different scenes, voice overs, comedy, and expressions. It goes from scene to scene, showing the watcher how to do something, and explains it perfectly.

“Birthday Girl” is a type of timeline video. It starts in the present, but shows you back in time though multiple years. It also has an “interview” of Elyssa talking to someone else, so the watcher can interpret two person’s instead of one.

“Unity” is kind of like a slideshow of still pictures with voice over. It shows pictures that represents what she is saying to give it meaning. This video is informative and powerful by seeing multiple pictures.

Each of these three examples show different ways to make a video. This is the beauty of video. You can make way in any way you like, but in text, there is only one way to write. Video can be so much easier to understand, and its fun to watch. Of course videos can be boring as well. If there is nothing to watch or if there is a monotone voice, the video will drag on. Text can be boring too or it can be great to read and be just as informative. It all depends on the reader, but I will always prefer video.


Author: Brittany Walls

I am currently a student at the University of Delaware studying English, but eventually want to be a nurse.

One thought on “Video vs. Text”

  1. Brittany, I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on how it feels different to actually “hear” the tone of a video essay rather than inferring from a writer’s prose. ~Joe


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