Screen or Print? Which is Really Better?

When it comes to using videos, I feel that it is a lot easier for someone to get their point out in the fashion they want to, meaning if some one wanted to include some sarcasm or comedic relief, doing that in writing and having the reader try to understand is a little more tough rather than being able to communicate it through words or sounds. For instance, the video about motivation that Will made would not have been as funny if someone were to read the dialogue between young Will and old Will rather then watching and listening to it. Also, with videos, the viewers get visuals and do not need to spend as much time trying to create images in their minds of the words they read. Videos are better in terms of showing someone how to do something. There were numerous videos we watched that were (at least I consider them) “how to” videos, meaning videos that visually showed the viewer how to do something. An example that i liked was Sam’s video on how to make a grand entrance, it showed different ways of doing the activity and was a lot easier to follow instead of reading words in a book or on print.

Besides videos being the only helpful item, print has some positive benefits as well. For people who have trouble understand or following along a voice spewing out information, print allows those types of people to keep up at their own pace. Also, print can be right in front of a person, giving them the ability to go back and forth between pages and go over any information they missed or go back to a part that caught their attention. Personally, sometimes I have trouble trying to say what I am thinking so when I write I have more time to think about the best way possible of saying whatever it is I am trying to say. If someone does not like to be on camera, print allows them to express themselves but in a way that more comfortable. When I was doing the concept in 60 project, I had to record some scenes many times because there were little mess ups I would notice so print allows us to simply backspace or erase or cross something out but videos make us rerecord full scenes.

So is video or print better? I do not think there is a definitive answer to that question. I believe that it is all based on personal preference. I think both video and print have their positive aspects and I think they both have their constraints as well. Personally, if I were to choose one, I would choose print because I think videos can be distracting sometimes and I would rather be able to write down and reread my writing looking for any mistakes and giving a quick fix to them, but again it is all preference.


Author: Jay B

I'm a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in english and playing on the club lacrosse team

One thought on “Screen or Print? Which is Really Better?”

  1. Jay, What I hear you suggesting at the end of this piece is that writing remains something easier for an authoer to revise and improve than video—even if video often seems “easier” for viewers to follow. That’s an interesting contrast. ~Joe


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